Business Psychology on Bringing Back U.S. Jobs

Insourcing is a great way to maintain a steady economy. For years now, the
economy hasn't been at its best and thousands of Americans lost their jobs.
But, the source of this job loss is strongly due to, in my opinion,
outsourcing. Outsourcing, the bringing of American jobs to foreign soil,
may be helpful for businesses, but it affects Americans at home who no
longer have jobs as a result and it. Outsourcing also affects us as
consumers. Many of these jobs are being brought to places like India and
China where workers are working for low wages and no benefits. In the last
few decades, labor was cheaper for American companies – less than $1 per
hour according a  BCG report. (MSNBC). Businesses see the benefits of
bringing their jobs overseas and fail to witness the damage this is doing
to fellow Americans like that many of you who may be reading this. But with
higher labor costs and corporate taxes overseas, businesses are starting to
rethink outsourcing.


That is why I'm pleased that President Obama wants to bring these jobs back
to America. His plan, is insourcing, a plan that he believes will rebuild
the economy. Insourcing will be beneficial to so many Americans. For one,
these Americans will be getting their jobs back. Also, because many of the
businesses were geared towards American consumers, it will be much easier
to communicate with consumers if there is an issue with a product. If
someone wants to know about an item that is mainly used in America, like
a snow blower, it may be harder for a Chinese worker to help the concerned
consumer. Another benefit may be health. Many of items manufactured abroad
such as toys, have been recalled. Maybe if these toys are manufactured in
America, then consumers wont have to worry as much about this. In a CBS
news article, one woman speaks about the benefits of her call center job as
a being beneficial to her because she gets to set her own hours and work
for the company she chooses. However, she works at a low wage of $10 an
hour and receives no benefits.(CBS)


Twitter is a great place to see the reactions towards insourcing and
outsourcing. Many, like Bridget Webber, believes that insourcing is a step
forward. Obama supporters believe that the Obama Administration is working
to insource the jobs that were outsourced by people like Mitt Romney.
Whatever the case many be, there are several pros and cons to insourcing.
However, one thing is for sure: Americans need jobs and we must do all that
it takes to give these people jobs, whether insourcing is our solution or


Author: Fanta NGom


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